All Rise! roundup, Season 2

At Harvard Law, I co-produce All Rise!, a podcast of longform interviews with HLS professors and other figures in the law.  We just finished Season 2:

Here’s episode 6 with Constitution expert Michael Klarman:

Here’s episode 7 with municipal broadband expert Susan Crawford:

Episode 8 with HLS student organizations coordinator Tracey-Ann Daley:

A special episode 9 with prison education advocates Max Kenner and Vince Greco:

Episode 10 with Critical Race Theory expert Khiara Bridges:

Episode 11 with death penalty expert Carol Steiker:

Episode 12 with HLS’s negotiation and mediation sage Bob Bordone:

Episode 13 with Demos President Heather McGhee:

And Episode 14 with federal judge Nancy Gertner:

You can subscribe to All Rise! on iTunes here.

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