Getaway on Shark Tank

Our tiny house project, Getaway, was just on Shark Tank:

Business Insider has a rundown:

They set their sights on Sacca, a legendary angel investor who made early bets on Uber, Twitter, and Instagram— and shares the cofounders’ love of the outdoors. The Upstate New York native owns two wood cabins on Lake Tahoe, in addition to an estate in Great Falls, Montana.

Davis took a shot at Sacca in what looked like an attempt to guilt him into an investment.

“You have brought and shepherded much technology into this world, and you know technology needs a counter-balance. We can provide a counter-balance,” Davis said. “You can pay amends for helping bring Twitter into this world. And this is the anti-Twitter.”

Heavy has a visual history of Getaway, including a posting of our Why Do You Want to Getaway? video:

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