has launched!

The first project out of Jon Staff and I’s Millennial Housing Lab has launched: Getaway, our new startup that builds tiny houses, places them on beautiful rural land and rents them out by the night to city folks looking to escape the digital grind and test-drive tiny house living. After some late-night idea sessions… a few months of Jon sketching with Harvard Graduate School of Design students Addison Godine, Wyatt Komarin, and Rachel Moranis… Jon wooing investors based on a team and dream… and a harrowing drive of the first tiny house on I-93 North… the first Boston Getaway house has arrived in southern New Hampshire.

Here’s the house, named The Ovida (after Getaway intern Sarah Ruehlow’s grandma), making the move:

Here’s finishing touches in the arrival in southern New Hampshire:


Here’s the finished outside…:


…and the finished inside:


Many thanks to Kataram Studios for the photographs and to the whole Getaway team for launching the Millennial Housing Lab’s first project.  This is the first of (hopefully) many Millennial housing proofs of concept in the coming years.  Learn more and book your getaway at

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