Civic Idea of the Day: The Crowdsourced Dinner Course

If you’re a group of people who wants to learn something, here’s a fun way you can do it:

Let’s say you have 10 people. Split what you want to learn into 10 chunks and assiDinnergn one out to each person. Each person is required to become an expert on their chunk. Each week, have one person present on their chunk┬áto the rest of the group over dinner. After 10 weeks, you’ll all have learned it, in addition to being a double expert on a part of it. It’ll also build community and spread the stress of learning one thing out (you’re only stressed about it on your week; every other week, you sit back, enjoy dinner and listen). After you’re done with the 10 weeks, have a follow-up email list to share any links or ideas that have arisen because of your crowd-sourced course. The applicability is endless: have a group learn any course syllabus that you missed in college, finally understand Econ 101, catch up on the Pentateuch or the Gospels, learn the different areas of public policy, learn 10 different schools of philosophy, etc. etc.

It’s The Crowdsourced Dinner Course: A Lifelong Learning Tactic + A Community-Building Opportunity among friends.

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