Harvard Thinks Green video

Harvard’s Sustainability Office took the Harvard Thinks Big concept and made an environmentally-themed version: Harvard Thinks Green.

Here‘s a feature on it in The Harvard Gazette:

A problem as complex and potentially intractable as climate change demands equally big solutions. At the first Harvard Thinks Green on Thursday, six Harvard professors gathered at Sanders Theatre to provide just that kind of thinking.whiteposterwebsite_0-1

The event was meant to tap into the “original fundamental reason why we are all here on campus for four years: ideas,” said Peter Davis, a senior who co-foundedHarvard Thinks Big, which co-sponsored the event with the Office for Sustainability and the Center for the Environment. At Harvard, students have the opportunity “to propose them and play around with them and fight against them and to sometimes even work to implement them.”

Their ideas, which touched on corners of society from science and medicine to politics and urban planning, made it clear that reversing the declining health of the environment can’t be left to any one group.

Here’s my intro remarks:

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