CommonPlace post on the Saguaro Seminar’s blog

CommonPlace, our web platform for local community engagement, was inspired by the Professor Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone.  Thus it was a joy to see Putnam’s Saguaro Seminar post about us:

Peter Davis, Harvard University senior, got motivated to launchOurCommonPlace in 2009 after taking Bob Putnam’s course on social capital. He co-launched OurCommonPlace with Max Novendstern confident that the internet could be utilized to build up American civic life.

CommonPlace is a web-based platform that greatly facilitates local community engagement. It makes it far easier for you to connect with and share information with neighbors and local leaders.

Residents can find out what’s happening locally or post about local happenings, needs (a good roof repair company, or interest in starting a Boomer ultimate frisbee league, for instance).  They can:

Ask to borrow a ladder or power drill

Publicize a tag sale or block party

Find out how they can take cooking classes

Ask who has a used loft bed they can have or buy

Find people and organizations with shared interests or hobbies around them

Ask how to fix a pot hole

Find out where their lost cat wandered off to

Organize a service project

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